We love start-ups. So we run our firm like one.

This means we don't wait around for ideas, leads, or trends to find us -- we find (and sometimes start) them ourselves. It also means we build-in-public using the latest tech. We do this to understand it first, to meet future founders, to support our portfolio, to optimize our own workflows, and to contribute to the broader venture community. Some examples:

No Code

In 2020, we build a custom No Code CRM for Untapped. Then we built an LP Portal and Founder Portal on top. Open-sourced Airtable CRM template to share with other VCs. Built official Zapier x OpenAI integration. Because of this demonstrated expertise we were lucky enough to have early access to multiple amazing No Code / automation start-ups which are now Untapped portfolio companies.


In 2021, we launched an early NFT project (PixelBeasts, 10K release sold out in 45 minutes). Then we built our first token-gated chat app. After that, built a game, hosted events, and expanded into 3D games. This led to integration with numerous start-ups including Pixel, which led to pre-seed investment alongside Animoca / OpenSea.


In August 2022, we were early adopters building with GPT-3. Built 60+ prototypes of AI apps for founders, VCs, and the broader community, including an investment memo AI, mentor chatbots, and more. We support our portfolio companies with AI integration, and most notably, built BabyAGI and kickstarted a trend in autonomous agents.