Not an impact fund, but a fund with impact

We talk about impact often, not because we're impact investors but because we understand that every business has an impact. We invest in founders who understand this and work with them closely to make the world a better place.

Investment Thesis

At Untapped Capital, our sweet spot is investing $100k-$250k checks into startups based in the US, raising at $3-7m in valuation. Though this is definitely more a guideline than rule.

Proficient and quirky...

We don't just say we're different.

Outbound Sourcing

Most VCs rely on referrals. We primarily source through outbound, meaning we reach out to founders.

No Code CRM

We run our entire fund and this website off a custom No-Code CRM. Zaps for days! #TeamAirtable

Fully Remote

From day 1, we've been fully remote and intend to stay that way. See you on Zoom!

...with a whole lotta love.

Our biggest weakness is wanting every founder we meet to succeed.

Yohei Nakajima
General Partner

Outbound specialist, productivity geek. Ex-Techstars, Scrum Ventures.

Jessica Jackley
General Partner

Impact specialist, storyteller. Founder, Alltruists &

Let's change the world together.